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Bulletproof Hosting & Complete Care Plan Terms of Service

This website care agreement is being made between you or your company and Gravity Reach LLC. Your company may be referred to as “you or your” and our company may be referred to as “we, us or I.”


Our website maintenance plan is intended to keep your website optimized, protected, reported on and safe while live on the interwebs.

Additionally, we are in your corner month to month as your “go-to webmaster” for any and all website content changes, tweaks or additions within the scope of our monthly agreement.


The scope of service month to month is agreed upon by the plan you choose. Please refer back to our plan page which overviews the details of each plan’s tier and scope of services.


The cost of our monthly maintenance plan is depending on the plan you choose for your website(s). Additional sites may be added for a discount for multiple sites. Please contact us to inquire about adding multiple sites.

Payments are collected either monthly or annually via an automatic, recurring credit card charge during the date you signed up for the plan.

Special arrangements for larger installments, checks or other payment methods can be arranged. Please contact us for more options.


We do our best to get to website updates that lie within the agreement of our plan within 24-48hrs, Monday through Fridays. You will be notified for updates that will require more time or that will be handled after a 48 hour period.


When the site is onboarded to our plan and all reporting, updating, backup and optimization tools are in place, you will be notified and you can expect a monthly check-in with a report of your websites’ traffic, basic analytics, and an overview of all the updates, backups, monitoring and optimizations that were done the month prior. All reports are sent within the first week of the month.


If you choose a plan that offers allotted support time per month, this time covers updates, changes, tweaks, or basic add-ons to the current website. Additional work on the website for advanced functionality, design, new pages, additional sites, or work outside the website for your company can be agreed upon via a separate proposal or retainer of hours.


Your information is confidential, protected, fiercely guarded, and safe by us. Your website details, logins, analytics and any active revenue numbers, etc that are displayed internally via your website will not be shared.


By agreeing to our maintenance plan terms and conditions, you also agree to our communication boundaries for requesting website updates and any consultation calls. All of these requests must be made through your customer portal.


We require ONE main point of contact for ongoing support, updates, and website communication. If more are involved on the client-side of the plan or if you have a new point of contact at any point, this must be disclosed.

Additionally, we will disclose our point of contact for any and all website updates and general website inquiries upon moving forward.


While we do our best to ensure that your website is protected, no site on the internet is 100% secure from any breach, malware, or hack due to the nature of servers and websites. In the unlikely event that your website is compromised, we will take care of restoring the website and any blacklisting from Google at no extra charge to you.


Should you decide to leave the plan, you’re welcome to do so and we will make sure you have full control of your website, logins, and any domain information needed that’s associated with your account.

You’ll only pay through the billing period (either month or year) that you signed up for when signing up for the plan.

Note: If moving from our hosting, there is a hosting termination fee (billed at our hourly rate) if we need to assist with the transition and move to a different hosting provider.


Should you cancel or forgo our hosting and maintenance services, you assume full responsibility of the website and agree to our Liability Clause that removes us from the responsibility of website security, performance, backups, and reporting.


We make every effort on our end to secure your payment information, details, and personal/company information. The programs we subscribe to collect payment, host the site, and run the updating and optimization are 3rd party software providers and out of our control. Though we only use and partner with the most trusted providers in the business and trust our own information with these tools.


You or your company and Gravity Reach agree to the contractual stipulations above and will make every effort to fulfill our obligations to ensure the best results possible for the website.

Liability Release Clause

If you choose to cancel your Bulletproof Hosting and Complete Care Plan, or choose not to sign up for the Bulletproof Hosting and Complete Care Plan, You or Your Company understand and assume the responsibility for:

  • Website hosting via a trusted, secure and reliable website host
  • Being the point of contact for any/all hosting related website issues or questions
  • Updating the website plugins, theme and WordPress weekly
  • Setting up website restore points and external backups
  • Website monitoring and security
  • Hiring and dealing with Sucuri (or preferred malware removal company) in the likely event of a website hack or breach
  • Optimizing website database, media, files and post revisions
  • Tracking website traffic via Google Analytics
  • Foregoing our discounted hourly rate for additional or ongoing website work
  • Managing all website SSL Certificates and security warnings
  • Creating and keeping the website privacy policy up to date manually or paying for Termaggedon

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