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You Could Finally Have Your Own Website - And It Generated Clients For Your Business ... Automatically?

With our Website Design service, you'll get a Business Website that's strategically planned to attract, convert, and connect with new leads everyday on autopilot.

Montrose Digital Marketing

Will Gravity Reach's Montrose Web Design Service Work For My Business?

“One of the biggest assets that we have added to our team is Gravity Reach. If anyone is ever in need for the most incredible website builder look no further.”

“What they have done with our brand and company has been absolutely phenomenal. They’ve made it to where we have quadrupled sales, reached markets that I’ve never been able to dream of, and has absolutely taken us to the next level. If you want to do yourself and your company a serious solid contact me, or them to get setup. Promise you won’t regret it. Thank you Gravity Reach for everything you do for us!!”

Zach Padilla – Colorado Coatings


Montrose Web Design

We Don't Just Build Websites - We Build Lead Generation Machines.

If you're a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or a service provider — you've found the solution you've been searching for with a new professional-level website through our website design service so you can finally begin attracting new leads into your business day after day.


We create websites specifically for businesses who provide services rather than products — and want to use their website to entice more consultations, bookings and appointments.

Your new website automates persuasion and overcomes objections in real-time, guiding visitors to take action and book a call or appointment automatically (or whatever you’d like them to do).

Your new website showcases your business in the best light possible. You’ll have colors, fonts and images that work together alongside the client-centric marketing message.

Our website design service is super-affordable. You’ll have a beautiful, strategically planned, and carefully built website at a fraction of the price you’d pay a big city designer or agency.

And the best news of all? Our websites perform better too!

It’s time you finally invested in a website for your business. Our websites convert visitors into leads like crazy and the price will blow you away. You’ve finally found the missing piece that your business has needed all this time!


We’ve taken everything we’ve learned through the years from creating hundreds of profitable, strategy-backed client generation websites for our clients, and packaged it up into one perfect all-inclusive, strategically planned, beautifully modern and clean website that works day and night to generate leads on autopilot.

What does our Montrose Web Design service mean for you and your business?

You’ll have a crazy profitable client-generating asset — ready to generate leads as soon as it’s launched — that you’ll benefit from over and over again for the life of your business (at a wildly affordable price tag!)

Client Generation System

Here are just a few examples of websites we’ve built for our awesome clients!

And yes, our websites look FANTASTIC on mobile too!

Website Design - Desktop and Mobile

when you order a lead generation machine website with our website design service, YOU WILL HAVE a website with:



Even if you know zero about marketing, this module will break it down into simple bite-sized steps, complete with proven frameworks and plenty of examples. You’ll uncover priceless insights about what your clients really want, and how you are the obvious choice to get them there.



Every website we build comes with highly researched and optimized pages to ensure you’re attracting the customers who are searching for the services you offer. We don’t charge extra for keyword research if you hire us for our web design service!



Your website will have just the right pages that visitors are interested in – nothing more, nothing less. Too many business websites feature pages that visitors don’t actually care about, which distracts them from what you really want them to do – schedule an appointment, consultation or whatever you have to offer.



Your business website shouldn’t be just a static billboard. It should serve a purpose – to turn visitors into leads and paying customers. Your Lead Generation Machine is strategically crafted to guide visitors to take the next step and get in touch with you to schedule an appointment, consultation, or whatever you have to offer.


A Lead Generation Machine built through our website design service provides you with a priceless, immensely time-saving business asset that can help your business generate leads behind the scenes, at all times — attracting and converting your prospects into paying clients.


Take Advantage Of The Best Business Website Hosting Deal in Colorado Springs With Our Bulletproof Hosting & Complete Care Plan


Hosting is the foundation of your website. Security, performance, optimization and ease of use all depend on it. We offer premium hosting for all our clients so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Just like your phone has software updates, your website needs to be updated too. Additionally, out-of-date plugins are the #1 leading cause of website hacks. We take care of weekly updates for you.


Backing up your website consistently is critical for many reasons but most importantly, if the site should need to be restored, transferred or downloaded, we offer external backups and restore points for all clients on our plans.


In order for websites to load fast, perform well and to ensure speed, the files, database and media need to be optimized. We have special tools that keep your site optimized and running smoothly along with cleaning up any and all “web gunk.”


We have special tools that monitor your sites’ traffic and activity, protect against potential hacks or breaches and keep an eye on “up time” to ensure your site is up and running fine.


You shouldn’t have to try to determine what’s going on via your site. We take care of that for you with an in-depth (but not overwhelming) monthly report which also highlights what we’re doing month to month on your site.

Once your website is live, it’s not only important to protect it from malware and hacks that can take your site down and affect your Google rankings, but it’s also important to keep the tools in the site updated to make sure your site is running quickly and efficiently.

Through our website maintenance/security care plan, we take on the stress of all these complexities so you can focus on and grow your business!


Here are just a few of the most common scenarios of unprotected sites:

If your website isn’t maintained and protected, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” a hack will occur.

If your website isn’t optimized, it’ll perform and load slower as times goes on affecting conversions and sales.

If your website isn’t consistently backed up, you could completely lose your website’s content and progress when a breach happens.

If your website isn’t maintained and optimized, Google knows and ranks sites that are digitally “alive.”

If your website has any glaring issues such as a down SSL Certificate or notices of an unsecure connection, it affects traffic and brand legitimacy.

By not having your website cared for monthly, everything we cover in our plan is on you and will cost you in tools, time and unneeded stress.



You don’t have to maintain your own website and go it alone.

We offer a perfect plan for your website so that you can rest easy and have us in your corner every month, taking care of these complex, confusing and ever-evolving issues in the digital world that YOU shouldn’t have to focus on! It’s the perfect compliment to our website design service.

Here's what you'll get with our Website Design service...

Have questions? We have answers!

Not at all! Our website design service specializes in building Lead Generation Machines that are built to bring in leads and sales on autopilot. We’ll set up the entire system and show you how to connect with the leads your website brings in.

No. We will build your lead generation machine for a one-time charge. We offer Bulletproof Business Website Hosting for your new website on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel hosting at any time…but know that all websites require hosting. You’d have to find your own hosting if your website isn’t hosted with us.

Potential clients are looking online everyday for the services you offer. If you don’t capture their attention and turn them into a lead, they’ll go to your competitor. Gaining just one new customer will pay for this system many times over.

Absolutely. With our website design service, you’ll have access to a one-on-one support portal where all of your questions are responded to within 24 hours.

The websites we build have been proven to bring in leads for service businesses of all types. If you provide a service, this will work for you.

Probably! Our website system integrates with most major CRM systems. We’ll also give you access to your own dashboard where all of your leads can be accessed and sorted. And don’t worry if you aren’t using a CRM in your business now…your new website comes with one!

Our website upkeep program is monthly or annually with a no-risk, no-question-asked guarantee. Even then, you have the ability to pull your website from our hosting or maintenance program independently. Your plan is simply billed out for the month or year that it covers or being split, whichever happens first.

There’s no charge if we are building your website through our web design service. If you elect to pay for hosting any party within 90 days, there’s a maintenance cost of $97 because we have to recondition the online tool structure, eliminate the database, and backup all data.

We’ll keep the site up and running if you have hosting elsewhere so long as your hosting company or unique server follows our requirements for properly maintaining and optimizing the website. Get in touch with us to schedule a time over Skype or video call to inspect and agree on a quote.

Our care plan should be embraced, but it’s not mandatory. If you choose to leave us to care for the website, you will be able to take on full liability regarding the security, updates, backups, support, and other technical aspects outlined in the plan.

You are more than welcome to come back to us after having passed on our plans initially due to the work that was involved to properly maintain a site. See the onboarding costs query above to find out more about a setup after 90 days.

No matter how many updates you have, we’ll try our very best to get your updates finished within 1 hour in order to cut down your monetary cost. If you have a number of updates that require more time, we’ll provide you with an estimate for the additional time at our discounted hourly fee which will be extra for you as a special customer.
This instance allows you to handle the issue on your own by employing the services of our favored malware and blacklist cleaning experts Sucuri, or if you are interested in joining our plan and have us handle the cleanup process, our least expensive service is $499.
Depending on the type of hack/breach and how long the site has been compromised, SEO rankings and blacklisting issues may take weeks or even months to resolve and in some cases will require more additional work to recover from.
Important note: We do not fixed website hacks unless the site will subsequently be added to our plan.
If there’s any suspicious activity while our website is on our cybersecurity plan of any sort, we will be held accountable for it and will work to resolve everything at the earliest opportunity. You will not be required to pay anything extra.

Basically, we can take on websites we hadn’t designed for using the same technologies we prefer or have become familiar with over time. Furthermore, the best deals for hosting a website are the one meeting our requirements. We highly encourage the use of our services and have a webpage developed to boost your business.

If you decide to have us host and maintain additional websites under your account, you’ll get a 30 percent discount (monthly or annually) on any additional site that is active for as long as we maintain the site.


I own a service-based business and I’m ready to invest in my business and generate leads 24/7 on autopilot with your website design service!


$ 1,997 + $67/mo for Hosting & Maintenance
  • Strategically Planned
  • Optimized For Lead Generation
  • Generate Leads 24/7 On Autopilot
  • Optimized For Moblie
  • Optimized For Google PageSpeed
  • Super-Fast Hosting
  • Daily Updates & Backups
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Security
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • BONUS: Auto-Updating Privacy Policy
Gravity Reach accepts all major credit cards.

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