Want More Revenue?

How to Use Instagram To Build Sales

In 2021, Instagram is the place to be for sales prospecting. See why it should now be at the center of your marketing strategy.

It’s far from being just another social network where people share pictures of what they ate that afternoon. In fact, users spend more time on average browsing through posts and feeds than other networks seen today – which means opportunities are ripe if you’re looking for new customers! Plus, with higher user growth rates compared to other networks (and we all know how vital market size can be), this has got a lot potential in becoming one-stop shopping destination while also providing valuable insights into their buying behaviors and preferences. So get those smartphones ready because there will never been an easier way to find customers on Instagram.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, with 51% of those being female. The average user spends 30 minutes per day on the app and 81% use Instagram to research products or services before making a purchase decision. Brands that know how to leverage social media marketing are successful in building communities around their brand through visual content like photos and videos – 130 million people interact with these posts every month!

Businesses use Instagram’s highly interactive nature to engage more with the reactions they get on their posts. That way, when you’re using it for sales prospecting, this ensures that your business is making a personal connection and not just spamming people with ads all day long.

Why you should use Instagram for sales prospecting

Instagram is not just for posting your most recent selfie. The app has a secret dark side that facilitates the purchase of leads, and it’s only getting bigger!

Gaining qualified leads can be difficult without knowing where to look. Instagram provides easy access to potential customers by allowing people in certain industries (such as auto, beauty shopping or travel) find one another through their posts- giving marketers an opportunity they would have never had otherwise.

The DM feature on this social media platform makes it even easier because users don’t need permission from recipients to send messages. When you send a message to someone, there’s more chance that they’ll see it and interact with it. You can also show up in your prospects inbox by tagging them on Facebook for example which will help give yourself the maximum visibility possible.

Strategies for Sales Prospecting on Instagram

Use Instagram’s powerful discovery tools to find leads

Creative, engaging content is what Instagram is all about. That’s why it provides users with powerful tools to discover new content and creators that post exactly what they’re looking for. These features are very useful when prospecting sales leads because you can use the Explore tab, type in a relevant hashtag or filter by location to find posts of interest among millions on offer; then see top-ranking as well as recent posts from every result so shortlisting potential prospects who have an audience size matching your needs and enough engagement level worth your efforts becomes easy peasey!

Look beyond the follower count

When you’re looking to get your message across, it’s important that the target actually likes and agrees with what you have to say. With this in mind, do research on their social media account beforehand so when they see a DM from someone who knows them personally–they’ll be more likely respond back!

Provide value first

If you’re considering prospecting on Instagram, don’t bombard leads with messages before providing them value first. If you reach out to prospects their chances are that other marketers have been reaching out too and if the person sees a dozen similar but contentless messages they won’t even bother responding! The idea behind prospecting should be what can benefit your business or amplify the message of another company – at least not initially. Perhaps consider sharing posts from others through stories as an example.

Don’t be too aggressive

Nobody likes to be hounded with sales pitches and many people find overly aggressive behavior off-putting. To avoid this, try treating the lead as you would like to be treated – approach them in a balanced manner that is natural for both of you. If they don’t seem interested at first but are still open minded then go ahead and keep on sending messages!

Be patient

It’s not always easy to be patient. But, if you are willing to wait for success- it will come! In a 100 prospecting leads only 2 may respond but they’ll have the best chance at converting into your customer because of how qualified they are when contacted by you rather than someone else with less knowledge about their business needs.

Being patient is key and waiting just means that in time things can change for the better so don’t lose hope or give up too soon on prospects who seem uninterested now!

Don’t fail to deliver what you’ve promised

Sales prospecting on Instagram can work wonders for your business. Once you win the lead, it’s all up to how you deliver what was promised in order to make a lasting impression.